I laid on the floor and cried out loud, “Mom, I am so tired. I just need a break!” It was only Wednesday, and I already pulled off two special birthday surprises, got in a car accident, attended multiple meetings, graded papers, and lived my regularly scheduled show called life. I was exhausted. Thankfully, my mom just let me cry.

Eventually I got up, took her to dance class, and dropped her off at the day club. When I returned home, I rested for 20 minutes, and felt surprisingly energized. I was able to get up and be productive.

Fast forward to the weekend and yet again, I felt exhausted, because the week didn’t stop at Wednesday. So on Sunday, I decided to try that rest thing again. I did nothing for a change. I slept in, didn’t attend my yoga class, and meditated. After rest and meditation, I felt restored, rejuvenated, and so motivated that I wrote an entire children’s book for my niece, Michaela! And SHE LOVES IT!

Again, I was amazed at the fact that rest and relaxation leads to creation and manifestation.

Will you rest today? 

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