Celebrating and Supporting the Genius of Black and Brown Youth

Together We Can Be the Progress.
Be the Work.

We believe Black and Brown students are gifts and change agents for the liberation of Black and Brown people, and humanity as a whole.

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This project was sponsored by Black Teacher Project, a program of The National Equity Project.

From Our Liberated Genius Community

Being the work means putting on a social justice in education lens to view the world from a multicultural multidimensional level that allows us as educators to embrace how power and privilege impact our students, our communities and our own teaching styles. When we are the work, we take responsibility for the lives of young people in a new way. We commit ourselves to being change agents and advocates for social change. This is something that we need to do as a community and Dr. Warren-Grice is leading the charge! It is an honor to work by her side and learn from her while deepening my practice to be a social justice educator.

Aliah Mestrovich Seay
Extension Specialist for New Youth and Adult Audiences, K-State Research and Extension

I learned [from this retreat] to always be aware of yourself and how you will feed into that child; how you address that child. What you have going on in your personal space and how that affects the child. And how you can better develop the child if you are in a more conscious state. If you know yourself and who you are you will be more in tune with that child, because you are confident in feeding that child some gift that will allow that child to shine.

Sean Williams

I love working with April! I love her energy, her newness that she brings to this conversation. … youth culture… We have to use a different methodology, a different methodology and different means in terms of connecting with kids and teachers.
She is sincere and has the focus and vision to push social change.

Jessie Miles
Educational Consultant

Together we can reimagine futures and transform the lives of diverse youth. Through workshops, conferences, e-news, social media, and strategic partnerships with youth-centered organizations, we celebrate them.

We can nurture the potential of every student. To do this, we need to be the work. Are you ready?

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