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Black Panther: A Reflection of Blackness

The movie Black Panther was a hit for multiple reasons, one is because Black folks crave to see themselves represented in a positive light doing innovative and meaningful work. When the entire world saw these superheroes, it resonated with the hearts of Black people...

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Calling All Dreamers

From Guest Blogger Ana Vargas Capistran, Learning Contigo, Founder and CEO   To the dreamers that are still dreaming out there: Don’t forget that we were once in harder times. Don’t forget that there was a time when we didn’t even exist to most people. Don’t...

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Why My Sweet Valley Twins Were Two Pretty Black Girls

From Guest Blogger Dr. Kelly Byrd, Love for Literacy, Founder and CEO As I was looking for content and resources to add to my website, I stumbled across an article on the Lee and Low Books website. The article was titled, How Common Core’s Book Choices Fail Children...

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A Lunch and Learn Recap

Are you ready to move from theory to action?  One of the questions asked at the lunch and learn was, "how do you deal with teachers who are resistant to buying into and valuing culturally relevant pedagogy?" Dr. Ladson-Billings reminds us that everyone does not have...

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My Flaws are FOR me!

As I watched the interview I completed for The Voice: Advocacy for Equity: Extending Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Predominantly White Suburban Schools, I cringed in embarrassment. Ugggh! My posture was horrible, and I repeated myself too much. Leave it to my inner...

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18 Questions Parents of Color want to ask Educators

After getting off the adjustment table at the chiropractor’s office, I began completing my exercises before leaving. As I prepared to leave, I noticed one chiropractor adjusting the other. The first doctor lay on his stomach as the second doctor began to “crack his...

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