We create and facilitate innovative conferences designed to meet the specific needs of organizations.

Our Signature Conferences

Be the Work: This workshop focuses on the difference between doing social justice work versus being socially just.

Engaging students who experience trauma: This 2-day retreat focuses on working with students who experience trauma. The retreat includes mindfulness, yoga, two sessions with two licensed therapists, a session with an adult who experienced trauma as a child, and a working session on applying the information to your school and classroom.

Education in the Next Galaxy (ENG): ENG provides area-wide collaborative space for educational stakeholders focusing on imagining futures that sustain and cultivate the learning, growth, and success of marginalized communities locally, nationally, and internationally. Each conference is designed for educational stakeholders–students, parents, community members, business leaders, government officials, and etc. Conferences may address a variety of topics of supporting equity efforts.

Additional Offerings

D.O.P.E. Creations, Connections, and Collaborations

Power Circle** (Power): Power is designed for 4-6 women interested in personal growth. The group will help individuals connect with the core of who they are and grow into the highest and best versions of themselves. Through a process of creating and discussing vision boards, giving and receiving feedback, participants will gain greater personal insight about themselves. The small groups serve as a support and accountability system. (5 Sessions) **Adapted from Emerging Wisdom, LLC.

Terri Wellness Retreats (Terri Retreats): Terri Retreats connect women of color for 2-5 days for healing and community building. The goal of the retreat is to provide a reprieve  from the daily stressors of life and rejuvenate. Enriching women centered workshops are intended to inspire healing and wellness. The retreat is a space to unwind, relax, and disconnect from the daily grind. Led by all women of color, we will indulge in food for the soul.

D.O.P.E. Collaborations (D.O.P.E. Collab): D.O.P.E. Collab connects people for creative play dates where participants “play” to create their dreams. A spin on business and networking events, Collab invites talking, brainstorming, and discovering ways to grow ideas. Collab brings people together who are interested in creating synergy to move ideas, projects, schools/districts, and companies to the next level. The goal is to remember how having fun inspires dreams of infinite possibilities. It’s relaxing, social, collaborative, and fun. This space may also feature local, national, and international speakers from various fields. Vendors and booths may also be available. We meet every Monday; 5:30-8pm; RSVP via email to drapril@liberatedgenius.com

Mozella’s Kitchen (Mōz Kitchen): Mōz’s Kitchen is a safe house for educators of color. This program is held once a month to bring D.O.P.E.* educators of color together to celebrate, support, encourage, affirm and connect. This space may also feature local, national, and international speakers from various fields. Vendors and booths may also be available.

*(Designers of Opportunities Pushing Excellence)