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Village Connect 360

Village Connect 360 (VC360) was started in 2016. Our founder Dr. April Warren-Grice worked with K-12 educators to better work with diverse students and increase their engagement, achievement, and leadership. Because Dr. Warren-Grice was working with so many educators nationally and internationally, educators, parents, and students often asked for referrals for programs, speakers, internships, professional development and other educational opportunities. She knew there had to be a more effective and efficient way to help more people, so she decided to partner with Fierce Creative Agency to create a specialist site to connect people, communities, schools, businesses, organizations, etc with educational opportunities that specifically engage diverse communities and issues. She intended to create a platform for educational equity for the internet age.

Our company is built on weaving equity, access, and wellness through technology. We focus on matching individual and group needs with organizations that will help diverse communities discover educational and advancement opportunities to help them become their highest and best self personally and professionally.

This is an exciting start for us as we begin to emerge as a technology platform for equity. We are on our way to becoming a household name and are determined to connect people with great educational opportunities.

Our Values

Seeing diverse communities as resourceful and brilliant We believe that diverse communities are extremely rich, brilliant, and resourceful. It is our mission to help people connect with opportunities to tap into their greatness.

Passion for equity and helping marginalized communities We believe having passion for equity is key to helping people find access to education. Our goal is to provide access to lifelong learning and wealth building opportunities to help our students become world change agents.

Daily Growth We believe leaders are lead learners. We help each person reach their highest and best self personally and professionally. We encourage each team member to practice self-care, explore wellness opportunities, and to continue to grow in their areas of choice.

Wellness for students and teachers We empower students of color to discover their full and vibrant selves where learning leads to action. We urge educators to work productively and fruitfully with students, parents, and colleagues while maintaining healthy relationships.

Collaboration. We believe in the African proverb, if you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to go far, go together.

Relationships for service We believe having quality relationships with clients is important to providing good matches. We meet them where they are and connect to their hearts, provide them with lifelong learning opportunities, and allow them to discover their authentic selves.

Innovation We believe in thinking out of this galaxy. We are visionaries.

This is who we are, not just what we do.

Village Connect 360 Coming Soon!

Check back soon to learn more about VC360. Feel free to reach out for more information or to book Liberated Genius.


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