When I took the Dream Job challenge the first time, my dream job literally called me on the phone nine months later, and I had the job the minute I answered. That job helped to prepare me for my current positions as founder and CEO of Liberated Genius, director of InPower Institute at Emerging Wisdom, and adjunct professor at Southern Illinois Edwardsville.

So now, I challenge you and raise the stakes with a triple dog dare!


Write the advertisement for your dream job. Keep each statement in the job description crisp and clear. Listen to your heart and be honest about what you want no matter how grandiose it may seem. If the job does not exist, guess what? You get to create the job and position that will pay you to do exactly what you want to do!

Too often we know what we don’t want, but rarely do we know what we do want. We are so distracted by things we don’t want, that even if our dream job came along, we may not even recognize it. Becoming clear on our hearts desire helps us to be intentional, narrow our search, and find the best possible fit to reach our highest potential.

What to include:

  • Job objective or overall purpose statement.
  • Summary of the general nature and level of the job.
  • Description of the broad function and scope of the position.
  • List of responsibilities.
  • The type of personality you want to have on the dream job. (You want to be able to be you, because remember, this is YOUR dream job.)
  • The types of personalities you will work with that will help you be the best you in this position.
  • The environment.

Additional Items:

  • Job specifications, standards, and requirements.
  • Job location where the work will be performed.
  • Equipment to be used in the performance of the job.
  • Salary range.
  • Benefits, perks, etc.
  • Additional items.

Still need help:

For one week do the following activity for five minutes daily: Repeat this question to yourself: What do I want to do (or maybe you have a better question—what is my dream job, or something else)? Then, write for five minutes. Write whatever comes to your mind, even if it seems off topic. Do this assignment every day for at least one week. Then start to work on the advertisement for your dream job.

Will you take the challenge to liberate your genius?

When the time comes, will you answer the call?

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